Why choose Workways Recruitment

1. Technical Quality Assurance of Workers
Workers at the workplace are carefully selected, confirming their references and experience
classified in detail according to their technical skills and proven qualifications;
We ensure that the profile of the workers placed in the workplace, suits the technical quality that your company demands. This means that clients can receive a service which is customised to their requirements.

2. Ensuring Rapid Response to Your Needs
Because your needs may change from one day to the next, we make the following commitments to give you a quick answer:
Respond to your request in 24h;
Put the work team in place within 1 week;
Replace an unsuitable worker.

3. Guarantee of Professionalism and Safety
A Workways Consultant who  visits the client evaluates and reports the workers' performance;
Safety in the workplace, guaranteed by the training given by Workways to workers;
Respect for the Health and Safety at Work regulations in force.